''My passion is creating the finest surfboards entirely by hand. Why? I prefer to use an entirely manual process as it gives you a much better connection and feel for the board. 

I starting learning the process of crafting surfboards as a young guy with Rusty in San Diego.  It was there i met some of the most incredible people and craftsmen.  One incredible shaper I met was Pat Rawson, his surfboards always had a unique look to them and his theory of board and blank design was something I hold in high regard.  Hawaii had always been my dream so as a twenty year old I moved there to hone my craft.  Working with Donald Takayama was one of the high points of my life, I don't think i ever looked at surfboards the same.  I lived on the North Shore where I made both long boards and short boards.  Locals and legends rode my boards, it was never about the money, it was about the waves.  I moved West to Makaha and life in a hawaiian surfing community showed me a whole new life.  Watching a gun I made paddle out at The Eddie was another one of those special times.  The history and waves at Makaha on the West Side and experiencing a whole different vibe where my own label grew.

Then I met my wife (an Aussie) and moved to Sydney. I worked with Bennett Surfboards then Channel Islands, producing my own boards as well.  After traveling north we fell in love with the Sunshine Coast.  I worked out of Beach Beat Factory for a couple of years until I decided to go back to what I love best.  Making my own boards from start to finish. ''

Custom Orders available in a range of Matt's designs - get in touch with us for more info.

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