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41 Gould st, North Bondi. NSW. 2026

©2018 by Sunburnt Mess. 


The only thing you need to go surfing is a surfboard.


That’s it.


And yet here we are, 2017, riding boards that are too big or too small, with too much this and not enough that. Why? Because the process of buying a surfboard is antiquated. It’s an arranged marriage. An $800 gamble. It’s eeny-meenie-miny-moe because there is no other way. Until now.With its global demo fleet, Surfaway helps you eliminate the guesswork by letting you try the world’s best shapes before you buy them. Because we all know that surfing is 3x more fun when you’re riding a good board, so why “make do” with a lemon? And, with a growing network of partners around the world, Surfaway gives you the option of boardless travel. Skip the headache and excess baggage fees and have the right boards waiting for you at your destination.


The old ways of finding and riding surfboards is over. This is the future. A future of empowered and connected consumers. A future of choice. A future that recognizes that the only thing you need to go surfing is a surfboard, but that the right surfboard makes all the difference.


Demo a board for 48 hours and if you purchase any new full priced board from either Sunburnt Mess or Surfculture Bondi within 21 days, we'll deduct the $50 fee from the cost of that board. Not available in conjunction with any other offers.


If you're travelling to Bondi and can't bring your favourite board with you, we have a solid range of boards to get you out there whilst you're in town.

Surfaway makes it simple and secure to find and book your perfect surfboard anywhere, anytime.​