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41 Gould st, North Bondi. NSW. 2026

©2018 by Sunburnt Mess. 

9'4 x 22 3/4 x 2 7/8


Red all over tint with Triple stringers


Fin included


''Born out of necessity, once again.

People were crying out for a board that will have them perched 10 piggies over in the pocket, while still carving out a nice change of direction, and who are we to deny the masses?

Think more of a log than our Rolled Vee Noserider, but still with more agility from the tail than your standard "log" or noserider. Perfect for the guy or gal looking for a log than doesn't weigh the mass of the sun and can noseride while still jamming a turn when the wave calls for it.''

Vouch 9'4 Singular