Spoons is a documentary about craft, heritage, and place. It chronicles the history of surfing from a little corner of California where perfectly groomed lines wrap around a cobblestone point to form Rincon, one of the best waves on earth. From the performance focused design of the Yater Spoon and George Greenough’s radical innovation, rose the world’s largest surfboard manufacturer and the modern surf industry as we know it. Their influence gave rise to the world’s best surfers and still resonates to this day. It’s A Santa Barbara Story.


With Remastered Footage from these Classic Surf Films:

Crystal Voyager - Echoes, Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, Free Ride, Evolution, The Endless Summer, The Endless Summer Revisited, Apocalypse Now, Children of the Sun, High on a Cool, Wave, Ride a White Horse, Cool Wave of Color, Free and Easy, Walk on the Wetside, The Search, Fantastic Plastic Machine, In Search for Surf, John Larronde’s Sweet Sixteen, And many more...


Spoons Film: DVD + Digital Download

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