White with brown/gold deck spray. FCSII


5'7 x 20 1/2 x 2 3/4 - 35.5L


$895 - Fins not included.


"We've thrown a pair of Lululemons on the Vinnie and put him on a vegan diet - why? Well, while we all dig the look of a cut-lap pigment or tint with glass on skegs, there’s no denying that the weight and the price tag get up there. We’ve found that a lot of folks crossing over from shortboards or looking for more range in average surf, have been wanting to strip weight from the glass job, plus a twinny is a popular travel mate which makes glass-on fins a battle. So Vinnie went to Jenny Craig, and this is the result: Zero design changes to the shape, however the laminate has been stripped back to a 4oz free-lap glass job, and FCS2 removable fins are standard, allowing for easy travel, but more importantly the lighter weight enhances the reaction time from thought to action. Basically it makes direction changes a lot quicker than the more traditional weighted Vinnie, opening up more options on a wave but loses none of the effortless glide or full rail carve ability of the original Vinnie. The price has been stripped back also, sitting amongst our performance short board range."

McTavish 5'7 Vinnie Craig

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