6'10 x 21 x 2 11/16


Eggshell pgiment bottom, Redwood stringer + 4 Channels


Futures Fins - Fins not included


From an early age Josh loved the sensation of riding longer channel bottom surfboards. On his first surf trip to Indonesia as an 18 year old he took a 7’0 Channel bottom shaped by master craftsman Terry Glass and from that moment on channel bottoms have been a preferred board in conditions where the waves have some energy, the drive and acceleration is unmatched. Josh's designs draw inspiration from Channel bottom pioneers such as Al Byrne and Jim pollard, these design elements have been proven time and time again by some of the best surfers on the planet and i truly believe that the introduction of channels was a major development is surfboard design.

The longer channel bottoms he creatse are constantly evolving and as his experience both surfing and shaping these boards expands so are the subtle elements of my design.

Channel bottoms are available as either a Twin Fin or a single fin, wether you choose a single or twin is totally based around personal preference and your desired interaction with the wave.

Joshua Keogh 6'10 Channel Twin

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