5'6 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/16


Clear with 3/4 Volan deck and Fin patches - Has small 1c piece sized dent on the bottom between the fins from freight.


Marine plywood fixed keel fins


''Before the monad my shaping was without direction, I knew there was a feeling I wished to achieve so I floated from one design to another but I was always confronted with a glass ceiling, that’s not to say there were not great moments but overall I was left mostly disenchanted with the design principles of the boards I was attempting to create.

I had ridden twin keel fish’s in the past and knew there was golden elements, so started to experiment with this proven design and haven’t looked back since.

The Monad came about almost as a mistake. I had been making a few keel fish’s for Jasson Salisbury and they were working good, but lacked that magic high performance element that he had been seeking, particularly on the backhand.

I made two boards for Jasson a 5’3 and a 5’4 both basically identical apart from one had a conventional stringer and the other was stringerless. Without a stringer to hold the rocker the stringerless blank warped slightly whilst sitting in the glassing racks to the point where there was a noticeable acceleration in the last 8 inches of tail rocker behind the fins, the rocker had increased exactly on the point of the hip In the outline creating a fulcrum pivot point between the rocker and the outline. I was hesitant to give the board to him initially but from basically the first wave it was clear that something special was happening. 


"The Monad's got glide, speed and drift, all the hallmark traits of any good fish but what makes it unique and exciting is the way it can break a track, and change direction. You can get it to pivot and go vertical, so no excuses about not throwing fins above the lip. Its such a sick little shape. 5'3 fits in the passenger seat." Jasson Salisbury


" At first glance the Monad looks deceptively simple, a satisfying seamless fish outline. However there are so many subtle and hidden details that really make this board exceptional. The sensation of surfing the Monad is exciting and fulfilling. The board gets up to speed quickly and with little effort, holds its velocity through turns and transitions and has amazing trim and glide capabilities. The feedback from the board is sensitive and responsive, largely due to the scoop deck at the tail, less volume between your back foot and the water, the smallest changes in the wave are perceivable as a result of this design element. The Monad is fast, agile and above all else fun." Ari (Krooky) Browne


Joshua Keogh 5'6 Monad

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