5'8 x 20 1/2 x 2 3/8


$1095 - Fins Not Included


"The Wombi Fish is a small to medium wave performance fish design. It features a slightly more refined shape than a traditional style fish such as The Turtle with some attributes inspired by contemporary design. It has a slightly increased overall rocker and tapered foils, this combined with the dedicated quad fin set-up creates a responsive, drivey board which excels in clean, running waves.


The Wombi Fish has an overall smooth, wide profile, this creates relatively straight tapering rails which naturally generate speed. The tail of The Wombi Fish features a slight change of direction towards the rear of the leading fins which promotes turning and finishes with a medium, curved swallow tail.  The rocker is balanced and relatively relaxed overall with medium lift in the nose and slight tail lift. The rails of The Wombi Fish are shaped as either traditional or octo-rail and compensate throughout the design according to the boards foils. In the entry, the rails are quite rounded to foil out the extra foam under the chest area, this transitions throughout the centre of the board and finally become more boxy in the tail to maintain the rail line and compensate for the reduced thickness in the tail. The way that the foils of the board change to alter the distribution of the volume creates a consistent rail line which is crucial to the boards performance.


The bottom contours of The Wombi Fish are quite unique. It’s the only board in the range which combines attributes from both The Turtle Twin and our more performance oriented designs. In effect making the Wombi Fish really a retro performance board which lies hallway between a fish and a regular short-board. The entry of the Wombi Fish features our signature subtle quad concave which blends into a double within a single concave throughout the centre of the board. This carries through most of the design, only softening slightly at the fin area and off the tail. The main attribute to the Wombi Fish’s bottom shape is the slight bevel or flattening of the outer edge of the rail. This extends from the rear of the leading fins to just forward of the chest area, this subtle detail breaks up the width of the board and allows the board to be put on rail more easily. A similar, but more drastic approach is also seen in the Turtle Twin bottom contours.


The Wombi Fish inherited from the old Cali Quad's shape and fin set-up. It is commonly shaped with a medium strength, tinted laminate with a clear-cut lap in order to get a most precise and rigorous rail, preventing imperfections."

Eye Symmetry 5'8 Wombi Fish

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