The Ecto Handplane ORIGINAL is three inches bigger than the Ecto Handplane PRO providing the best body surfing hand plane for cruising with stability and buoyancy. Ideal for intermediate bodysurfers who want the most lift and foam underneath their hand. Body surf the barrel of the wave radically deep, from small summer beach shoreys to big peeling reefs!

✖ Recycled Surfboard. Made by upcycling foam from a broken surfboard. See 1000 Surfboard Graveyard

✖ Award Winning Design. International A'Design Award 2015, Good Design Award Selection 2014, Sydney Design Award 2013

✖ Resin Tins. Rad resin blends to keep it fresh!

✖ Adjustable Strap & Optional Leash. Fully adjustable one size fits all comfy 3mm neoprene strap with an optional wrist leash.

✖ Durable Resin. Glassed in polyester resin with a smooth finish - the same as your surfboard!

✖ Single Concave. Moderate single concave optimised for generating speed and hold.

✖ FCS GoPro Compatible. Mount a HD GoPro Camera on the nose to capture all your barrels and wipe-outs.

✖ Dimensions. 14" x 8" x 1" (2L approx)

Ecto Handplanes - Ecto Original 14''

  • Resin tints can vary slightly from pictures above

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