6'4 x 21 1/4 x 2 1/2


Creme Deck tint with colourful acid splash bottom.


Fin Included


If you wanted to travel in the simplest way possible, light on gear and with the minimal amount of possessions, you'd want one surfboard that you could trust to excel in a variety of conditions and types of waves. That's a brief rundown of the concept for this "Wing" model. The feedback from Phil and Ryan has ranged from "magic carpet" to "can't fault it". One of the greatest challenges as a shaper is to create a board that will meet critical performance goals across the full spectrum of wave conditions, and this board does just that. What's really driving this design is a rolled hull entry feeding into single concave.  It has a fine, crisp modern feel to the tail and strong edge tip to tail to really get on rail through turns. 

Bryan Bates 6'6 Wing

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