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Vouch Mid Vish Review

This was my first foray into a longer fish, to say I'm impressed is an understatement. The guys at Vouch have really nailed the outline on this particular design so that it can be ridden long without a feeling of clunkiness that I've felt from other 'mid length' style boards.

Some info for you...Im 5'7 and 67kgs, The board is 7'2 x 21 3/4 x 2 3/4, set up using Futures K2 Keel fins and a tapered cedar stringer - Thicker in the nose, narrower in the tail.

Ive always found single fin style mid lengths to be awesome in point breaks. However, in the shitty beach breaks we endure at Bondi and surrounds they seem slow and clunky. The only benefit being added paddle power to get waves off all the back packers and beginners.

Honestly, this design has been another revelation in boards for me. In December last year I managed to hurt my hip and back so riding shorter boards has been a little troublesome. Enter the VOUCH Mid Vish. It has the Speed and manoeuvrability of a regular fish but the added paddle power and rail line of a board over 7ft. I have ridden this in waves ranging from fat 1ft rip bowls at Bondi to over head and a half steep peaks at Tama and haven't found a situation where i didn't want to be riding it.

In the smaller stuff it glides incredibly well from the centre of the board like you would expect your regular mid length to, allowing me to trim without moving much on the board at all. Step back on the tail and you get a turbo boost thanks to the twin keel setup and double concave Vee through the fins. You can actually push hard off the bottom and once you hit the highline, the thing rockets off down the line, leaving bewildered back packers in your wake wondering how you went so far/fast on such a small shitty wave.

Manoeuvrability wise, It never feels long. The Mid fish was designed as a bigger board so the rails are foiled perfectly and the foam is in all the right spots. Kinda just like my regular fish with an longer rail. You obviously can't turn as tight and sharp, but the curve in the outline allows for nice round house cutbacks and hacks off the tail when coming off the bottom into a tight transition.

In bigger waves - overhead +, Being 7'2 allows you to sit a little further out than the rest of the pack, then you're up and riding before anyone has even thought about catching the wave. The board knifes into faces with ease, soft rails means no catching edges from any chop or bump. It still has that same glide you get in smaller waves but seems to handle and control the speed you get from a bigger wave with more power without projecting you too far out onto the open face. In super steep waves your ability to turn on the face is a little bit limited due to the length, but this opens up other parts of the wave for you to explore. The narrower tail pod compared to other longer fish I've seen really holds well. Im really excited to see whats possible with this design.

We've been doing a few shorter customs - 6'6 and 6'8 - for guys and gals coming through the shop and from all reports these are also on the money. So, if you're looking for something to spice up your surfing and don't know what to do next, drop in for a chat and test out one of our demos. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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