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Wild Things Presents...Sun Damage

In case you missed last weeks screening of Sun Damage, here it is. Sun Damage is a four part movie by Dom Sullivan for Wild Things, in association with CRÈME and Gato Herói. Part I of Sun Damage features Myles Doughman, Kahu Andronicus, Max Weston and Kai Ellice-Flint mainly surfing the pointbreaks around Byron set to 'Revivialised' by The Wheelers of Oz. Part II features Kai Ellice-Flint, Kahu Andronicus, Max Weston, Harry Reid, Jack Lynch, Andy Findlay, Jessamyn Jean, Myles Doughman and Maddie Gross. The tune is 'Pipe Dreams' by Regular Spread, a bedroom jazz four-piece from Melbourne. PART III was filmed in California featuring Myles Doughman (with a quick cameo from Dom). The soundtrack to this section is 'Faceless Man' by the Family Jordan. PART IV was filmed mainly in Noosa this summer (including a few waves from Cyclone Oma filmed by Jessamyn Jean). Surfers featured are Robin Falxa (France), Kai Ellice-Flint, Kahu Andronicus and Myles Doughman.

Its been a while since I've watched any type of Surf film thats got me psyched to surf, and I was definitely feeling it after watching this one. So strap in!

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SURFBOARDS RIDDEN Kai - 9’7 Playboy, 7’8 Speed Acid, 10’ Smooth Operator Myles - 10’ Smooth Op, 9’8 Playboy, 8’0 Speed Acid Andy - 8’11 Spacepig, 7’11 Spacepig PG, 9’6 Smooth Operator Harry - 9’4 Playdate, 5’10 Anti-fish, 5’5 Gato Twin Maddy - 9’2 Playboy Jessamyn - 8’11 Spacepig Max - 8’1 Acid Jack - 9’6 BMT Cruiser Robin Falxa - 9’6 Playboy Dom BMT - Needle 6’9 Kahn - 9’10 CRÈME California

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