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Mctavish Diamond Sea Review

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

After a few days of near flat conditions the swell was up again. 3ft from the South and straight offshore. After quick check of conditions, I spotted a new left rip bowl hidden on the inside with no one on it. Most of the time I know what board I'm going to ride, but this morning had me searching up and down my racks, pulling various shapes and sizes out. First it was a fish, then a mid fish, then a little 2 + 1. Paddle power is key on the weekends as the crowds can be off putting to say the least. Lurking in the back of the garage was a 7'0 Mctavish Diamond sea which I have been eyeing off for a few months. I pulled it out, put it under the arm and it felt right. Decision made.

The board is 7'0 x 20 1/2 x 2 7/8, setup using the stock fin from Mctavish which is a 9'' hull fin.

First time riding this board and conditions were pretty dreamy. My rip bowl had vanished due to the dropping tide. However, a 2-3ft longer running left out the back that was almost closing out but in the stiff offshore it would hold up and run down the bank.

This board is very flat, meaning it paddles like a dream, even though the waves were 3ft it was Peaky and had a nice curve to the wave. The flatter rocker really helped getting into the waves early to set a line. The pinched 50/50 rails gave the board plenty of bite into the running walls. It felt nice and smooth off the bottom with the big 9'' hull fin, I did find it a little harder to control and squirrelly when cutting back into the wash or onto my outside rail, however i think its more of a foot placement issue than fin placement. The slight single concave into flat Vee, generates the right amount of speed and control on the high line. It had me racing and making sections with ease, I really enjoyed the way it sits in high the pocket and generates speed without having to do a whole lot. 10 waves in and I'm hooked!

This 7'0 is available to demo over the next few weeks, so if you would like to test it out or have any questions, drop me a line:

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