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Christenson Lane Splitter Review

Just before injuring my ankle in mid February, I picked up a 5'5 Christenson Lane Splitter.

Im really enjoying riding shorter twins lately and although my Fish covers 75% of my surfs, sometimes I just want something that surfs a little more up and down than what a traditional Fish offers.

This particular board is running stock dimensions - 5'5 x 19 1/2 x 2 3/8 and im using the captain fin co. Christenson especial twin fin set with futures plugs.

Disclaimer - I've really only surfed this board on my backhand so far but had a few memorable surfs on it.

1st surf - Small, long period, clean right handers at Bondi. Even thought the waves were in the 1-2ft range, the board felt lively off straight off the bat. I felt i could come off the bottom and attack the lip much more vertically than what the fish allows me to do. Which, in smaller waves is refreshing as its nice to tap the lip a few times. Even though its not as wide as my fish, I found it still planes over flat sections and generates speed on weaker waves thanks to the flatter rocker.

Every other surf I had on this board was on right handers of varying quality. Even on steeper more solid waves - up to 3-4ft - it holds off the bottom well and allows you to surf a lot more aggressively in the pocket and up into the lip. The vee in the back 3rd of the board makes rail to rail transitions easy and the slight single concave under your front foot offers glide when surfing off the middle of the board.

If you're after a twin with plenty of performance but don't want to lose the glide you love in a fish, the lane splitter is a nice alternative. I loved it so much, ive ordered a 5'10 step up with a pin tail to ride when its bigger - stay tuned on how this turns out.

Custom orders always available.

Check out our range of Lane splitters in store now HERE.

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