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Haydn Lewis

Ive been riding various boards shaped by Haydn on and off over the last 8 or so years. From stock Channel islands shapes that he contracts for, to Fish, Longboards and mid lengths of his own design. Haydn and I caught up for a surf this week and it was great to check out a few new ideas and discuss board design at length.

Autumn is a great time of year to do some testing, I'm going to be taking some much needed time off later in May so will put these guys through their paces up and down the coast - Reviews on each coming soon - stay tuned to the blog. FYI Haydn and I are pretty much the same weight and height - 65kgs and 5'7.

L to R • 5’7 Twin receptor • 5’10 Free range 2+1 egg • 5’6 Double Adapter • 5’4 Keel Deal • 5’6 Toy Bonzer •

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