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The Campbell Brothers - Bonzer

You may have heard the word Bonzer thrown around a fair bit lately, what is it you ask? and what can it do for your surfing?

Well, The Bonzer is the archetype of the modern surfboard. It was the first standardized tri-fin surfboard designed by The Campbell Brothers - Malcolm and Duncan (Dec. 1970). Unbeknownst to them at the time, others were working on a three fin design of their own. There was a big difference however between the two fin setups: while others had half moon shaped side fins placed behind the center fin, The Campbell Brothers had keel shaped side fins that were placed forward of the center fin. With over four decades of success for the Bonzer, as well as over three for the Thruster, The campbell Brothers have demonstrated the archetypal nature of their original design concept. There are two main characteristics that establish the Bonzer as an archetype. The establishment of the triangular arrangement of the three fins, with side fins placed forward of the center fin. The side fins were placed 10 1/2” to 12” from the tail and 1 1/2” to 1 3/8” from the rail. They were also towed in toward the nose at what has become the standard angle. The design and development of the single to double concave (double through the fin area) bottom. This bottom contour was designed to work in conjunction with the fins to organize the water flow through the tail area. - from

Whilst never really going anywhere, there has been a big resurgence in the Bonzer design of late and lots of crew have been shaping and/or Surfing their own versions of the Campbell Brothers classic fin setup and bottom design. Malcolm Campbell has been in Australia recently and we managed to get a few custom gems shaped up for the shop whilst he was here - Due in the next Month or so, so keep your eyes peeled. Check out the film Wi - 5 below featuring ex WCT surfer Taylor Knox to see how this design can be pushed to the limits of high performance rail surfing.

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