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Neal Purchase Jnr. DUO Review

Its safe to say that when I first saw the Duo I was a little bewildered. So after a little research, some glowing feedback from some good surfers I know and a bit of pre surf psych up courtesy of the clips below I figured it was time to get out there and test one out.

I'm weighing in at 65kgs and 5'7 in height

DUO Dimensions: 5'6 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/4

Conditions: Maroubra beach - 2ft wedgy, side shore, sucky but short left handers. A great day to test boards as I had the bank to myself so could really take my time with wave selection and there was no one to get in the way.

Firstly the board paddled great, the eggy outline with rounded pin and flatter nose entry means theres plenty of volume in the board to get you into waves early but it can still handle something with a bit of curve in the face or some juice.

Once on a wave, It had plenty of flow off the bottom like a single fin but once your planing the thing was like a rocket, super easy to generate speed, the dual fins set parallel really reduces drag. The double concave through the fins gave it a nice feel when going rail to rail. Compared to a single fin I found I could pivot harder off the bottom and hit the lip a little more aggressively.

I left the fins set at the front of the boxes as this is where the previous owner had it setup, and while it didn't effect my surf too much, I did feel like sometimes it was a little skatey. Next surf I plan to pull the fins back to the middle of the boxes.

I definitely enjoyed riding the DUO as it was challenging yet had a familiar feel. It kept me wanting more waves to see where I could push it to next.

Check out the clips below of Neal and Chippa wilson, great to see where the board can go in terms of performance and wave riding yet still work for the more traditional surfer.

Custom orders are available and preferred to get exactly what you're after.

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