As Surfers, keeping warm for long periods of time in the ocean no matter how cold, is our biggest priority. 

With that in mind we have teamed up with Glidz Japan to offer you a full custom wetsuit service. From a Short John for the tropics to a 5/4 hooded full suit for an arctic mission, we've got you covered.

Designed to fit the body instead of stretching over it. Glidz wetsuits are hand made in Japan with a no-compromise approach. Hand-crafted, custom suits are painstakingly constructed, made to fit YOU. What ever shape you are, offering the most freedom of movement a wetsuit can offer. Which includes correct alignment of the neoprene for maximum stretch, when stretched correctly aligned there are no ripples or folds creating less possibility of rash.. Glidz Japanese super light limestone based Fiber-Light™ premium neoprene is lighter and more flexible without losing any of it’s durability.

Interested in a custom made suit? Organise a fitting with us below.


Flap-zip 5050 balanced designed entry system. Glidz Japan has designed their own flap zip concept to enable easy entry and exit of the suit. The wide opening super stretch top has been reinforced in all major stress points to enable a strong and the durable entry holds up to all boy types. Rubber neck seal, minimal  bulk, easy to put on and put off. The Durable entry holds up to all body types. The flap that comes over the head and gives you the ultimate fit. The added rubber smoothy neck seal to ensure minimum water flushing. Smoothy rubber  that wraps over the shoulders once the flap is in place to give extra flushing resistance. After heavy testing with team riders they have added a YKK short zip. Easy to slide on and slide off with button clip hold. The 5050 balance concept means the body has the same stress levels applied on the body while paddling to reduce fatigue and twisting in the upper body. The flap zip provides you a better fit around your upper torso and has better flexibility for your lower back.  Glidz Japan highly recommend this style of entry system.



Glidz Japan has created its own original super light limestone base Fiber-Light™ premium Japanese neoprene. It’s unbelievable super stretch material with 98% pull back memory. The surface is a coloured jersey and the inside is stretch jersey, in between there is the famous Japanese sponge, the essence of neoprene. This original combination makes the perfect balance. Manufactured in Japan, it is stronger, lighter and contains more memory than any other neoprene. Memory is what creates a good wetsuit when you stretch the neoprene stretches, when not moving its sitting in neutral. The International suits stretch onto and hug the body so at the same start point the wetsuits stretching at 100% and then you move and you have added another 50% stretch meaning your straining your muscles every movement. Glidz Japan can provide an amazing range of neoprene colors. In fact with the choices on offer, the amount of different suits you can create is virtually infinite!

 Note: The majority thinks that all Japanese wetsuits are made by Yamamoto Neoprene A great company but unfortunately not the case. There are 3 major companies in Japan and Glidz have worked together to create their own original Fiber-Light™ freedom neoprene. Enjoy the freedom of Glidz Japan wetsuits.


 Bio Hybrid Thermo lining absorbs less water, dries faster and weighs less. The 3o2mm is equivalent in warmth to an Australian 403mm yet has the weight of a 202mm. The closed polyester twined string with microscopic air cells to trap and contain warmth but still give you the freedom that surfers desire. The magic fibres help generate heat and trap it inside the brushes to give you a hot blanket lining affect. It is fused to the sponge on the inner side of the super light limestone base Fiber-Light™ premium Japanese neoprene. With the additional option of adding Smoothy Skin to the outside. The Bio Hybrid Thermo has a super soft texture and can be added by option your desired suit. Please note it is only available in Black. The available neoprene thickness is 2mm, 3mm.



The most advanced cold water thermo. Premium Bio Thermo has the similar characteristics to the Bio Hybrid thermo but is a thicker polyester twined String with microscopic air cells to trap and contain warmth but still have the freedom.The brushed parts of the hollow fiber have special function that take in the air between the fiber and keep the hot air.  Polyester string mixed with bits of black carbon string make the wetsuits dry quickly and with the loop style mechanism makes it hard to absorb water and creates easy to take off, won’t feel sticky when you take off. Please note it is only available in Black. The available neoprene thickness is 4mm and 5mm.


FREEDOM ! Designed to fit the body instead of stretching over it. Glidz Japan wetsuits are Hand made in Japan with a no-compromise approach. The goal is to CAD design the wetsuit to sit on the body to give you a longer surf session experience. Part of the secret of the Glidz Japan perfection in wetsuit manufacture is that they make sure that all neoprene is stitched and aligned with the body for maximum pullback and flexibility.  Hand-crafted, custom suits are painstakingly constructed to fit YOU what ever shape you are, offering the most freedom of movement a wetsuit can offer.  Glidz Japan our super light limestone base Fiber-Light™ premium Japanese neoprene allows for unrestricted style and movement.


Traditional Japanese style glued and double bounded stitching. The neoprene is glued edge to edge using a two part chemically cured flexible resin, and is stitched using a curved needle which only penetrates half way through the material. All major stress points in the suit are double glued and blind stitched on both sides thereby producing no holes while maintaining a strong hold on the neoprene where it is needed. Stretch tape is used on all major stress areas allowing for maximum strength and unrestricted stretch. Why not do the entire suit this way? You would lose movement and flex in the neoprene and also have a lot more stitching to rub against your skin. Glidzjapan uses the finest quality stitching material which is available. Using different thicknesses and water tight stitching is cleverly calculated to ensure you gain maximum stretch in the neoprene, giving you ultimate flexibility.


Super light limestone base Fiber-Light™ premium Japanese neoprene has a slightly thicker feel to it than the international suits as the inner sponge layer is thicker for a better GBS stitch quality. Through the feedback of team riders the general consensus is that the 202mm is an equivalent to a standard international suit 302mm. Obviously if you feel the cold run with the 302mm or you can add the options of the Bio Hybrid Thermo to add extra warmth on the 202mm suits as well. Ice cold regions we have 'Coldwater Exiv Freedom' wetsuit Hooded or Non hooded with the options of Bio Hybrid Thermo or Premium Bio Hybrid Thermo or a mix to give you ever freedom for you to create the perfect suit.  

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